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Shenzhen Metro Line 4(CCTV)

The whole length of Shenzhen metro line 4 is 21 km, it is the urban trunk line of two rail design, original as the Huanggangkou coast, the terminal is Qinghu station, the total is 15 stations. Metro line 4 finished as to parts, the first project is about 5km, from Huanggangkou coast to Shaoniangong, among them, from Fumin station to Shaoniangong, has finished in 2004. The second extension line is about 16km, increased 10 stations, set in longhua.
Shenzhen rail transit line 4 project2 has 28 trains, 112 cars. The latest project is four-saloon trains, each train composed of 2 units. Each unit car composed of 1 Tc and 1 Mp. Global Link charged for the implementation of Trainborne CCTV system