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Global Link—2012 production mobilization and pledging conference

Global Link held the 2012 production mobilization and pledging conference, aimed to quality first, delivery insurance, one mind, full fighting. This conference conducted by the personnel, and all of our colleague take participate in this meeting, including our chairman, general manager, vice-general manager.  
 During the meeting, the general manager start his speech with the humorous story, and he hope that all employees should be face the difficulties, carry out all the works according to the IRIS system, and make sure the products delivered to the customer timely.  
Later, the chairman Mr. Ma also shared the current challenge and opportunity with us and encourage us to collaborate each other, draw lessons from the past, and take full advantage of the resources, continuously improve the personal and company’s competiveness.  
The director of R&D Mr. Xie emphasize that each department should pay attention to the details, especially hope that the R&D colleague design the general products, pay more attention to the key parts’ productive technology, then relieve the company’s pressure.  
At last, all the leaders show their attitudes of seriously accordance this meeting’s subject, and obey the IRIS system, collaborate each other, try our best to struggle 180 days, based on the products’ quality, then finish the products’ delivery.