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Wuhan metro line 2 successfully passed FAI

From 14th to 15th, November, the professor from Wuhan metro, Zhuzhou electric locomotive Co.,Ltd. which come to our company to take the FAI of Wuhan line 2 on Passenger Information System(PIS).

Through the professor’s seriously inspection on the equipment, technical materials, function display, Our PIS system used on Wuhan metro line 2 has successfully passed the FAI with an excellent score. The PIS used on Wuhan metro line 2 is the first time that we use the square strip screen, and this successful case stand for this analysis has came to the manufacturing and delivering step. We will organize the production according to the contract and scheduled plan, and finished the project orderly.

Since 2004, step into the railway transit industry, with our hardworking and forge ahead, Global Link gradually grow to be the excellent enterprise of PIS system. Based on the existence market of Beijing and Guangzhou, we continuously develop the new market, and successfully come to Wuhan, Harbin, Kunming. Up to now, we have already undertaken and implemented more than 40 cases in domestic and overseas, total train is up to 5000, and won the first top in the rail transit industry in domestic.