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Company Yangjiang zhapo bighorn Bay leisure trips

At 8:00 on July 18th, 2013, in the company's careful guidance and administrative leadership of the Ministry of Personnel of meticulous planning, all the department heads and colleagues Removing past work seriously, filled with feelings of joy, gathered in the sail gate sloping beach bus, began a two-day leisure trip memorable bighorn Bay, outside the heat of summer, but a trace of coolness in our hearts.
 After several hours' drive away, in the tour guide explained patiently, we arrived at the Hailing Island, the car, bursts of refreshing sea breeze stroking face, people instantly refreshing, a desire instantly integrated into the natural impulse oil, however Health. Horn Bay is located southeast of the town Hailing Zhapo three sides surrounded by peaks, facing the vast South China Sea, Beach 2.5 km long and 100 meters wide, due to the shape of horns, named "Big Horn Bay", is the so-called mountain water does not show the peak cloudless not pro, Bay winds and waves of soft, misty peaks when. Horn Bay sunny bright, uniform soft sand, clear water pure, fresh air and more oxygen, Kikunami, tea, fishing, enjoy a leisurely natural elegance; scenic Central is a public beach, there is surfing, sea windsurfing, motor boats, paramotor flying gliders, ATVs, cannons shooting range, wild battlefield, marine parks and style performances and other recreational items.
Then the trip brought us even more surprises: the experience of professional guides teach, check Seaview luxury hotels, perfect rides, sparkling beaches overwhelmed the afternoon we about the few companions stroll from the hotel to the beach, Greeting Surge jumped down, enjoy the waves bathed in sunshine baptism. That night the company held a grand dinner, we drink to release the binding, toasted side down to give thanks to the care and with colleagues, filled with feelings of gratitude, sensitive tincture drunk after a sleep until dawn, photographs of people Happy National League record The other side: bold, cute.
The next morning, the Chief of Personnel orchestrated team activities: "Big Foot" and "ping-pong relay", all employees spontaneously formed four teams, select a representative organizations competitions, training staff through group activities and solidifying force teamwork to develop a collective sense of honor. After two rounds of fierce battle, the final NO.1 team won the title, finished in the company's leadership announced the results at the moment, winning players jumping to celebrate the victory, smiley face, ready to meet part of their prizes, players can not win No frustration, was secretly told myself next year must redouble our efforts.
The trips laughter in a successful conclusion. So that we could feel that the leadership of the company to employees humane care and administrative personnel's intentions to pay, so we relax the body and mind, our team is more harmonious, united, pondered this while traveling, but also began preparations for a new round of work I believe everyone with more vigor, more enthusiasm into work. Contribute their efforts for the thousands of jointly building the family, because we are the League of Nations people