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Pakistan ushered in the first “made-in-China” subway

With China's "The Belt and Road" initiative, we aim to build a comprehensive, multi-level and integrated interconnected network and realize the diversified, independent, balanced and sustainable development of the countries along the Silk Road.1400 years ago, Monk Xuan Zang in Tang Dynasty of China passed by this place—Lahore, Pakistan on his journey to the West. Now, Pakistan ushers in the first “made-in-China” subway. At the local time on 8th, Oct, a splendid vehicle delivery ceremony was held in Lahore, Pakistan, marking Pakistan entered the subway age.

The route of “Orange Line Project” stretches from the north to the south in Pakistan with a full length of 25.58km. There are 26 stations along the route.

27 B-type trains consisted of 5 cars of the project were purchased at the primary stage. Each train is composed of 3 multiple units and 2 trailers. The train body is stainless steel drum type and the train has reached a maximum speed of 80km/h.

    Our company has provided Passenger Information System (PIS) for the project, including three subsystems of public address (PA), passenger information display system (PIDS) and closed-circuit television system (CCTV). All the products provided for this project can keep working normally at a high temperature of 60℃. The internal flow field and temperature distribution, installation and layout of the components, radiating structure of the PCB and heat dissipation structure of the cabinet are designed and optimized with the cooling method, Combined with the previous experience, the embedded operating system is adopted for the core control system of the products for the project, thus enhancing the stability of system greatly.

Pakistan is another foreign country in which our company practiced successfully after India, Malaysia and Turkey. It marks our unremitting efforts to explore the foreign markets and build an international famous brand.