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Congratulations! Global Link won the bid of Malaysia ETS2 and HMU Projects

In the late May of this year, Guangzhou Global Link, with decades of rich experience and excellent performance in the field of railway transportation, passed the test of the market competition and won the bid of Passenger Information System (PIS) of Malaysia ETS2 Project and Malaysia HMU Project. Congratulations!

Malaysia ETS2 project consists of 9 trains marshaled with 6 cars. The maximum trail speed of the train is 160km/h and operational speed is 140km/h; Malaysia HMU project consists of 13 trains marshaled with 4 cars. The maximum trail speed of the train is 140km/h and operational speed is 120km/h.

Guangzhou Global Link provides public address system, passenger information display system, CCTV surveillance system, on-board Wifi system, FM radio system and AVOD system for Malaysia ETS2 and HMU projects. Compared with other projects in China, Passenger Information System (PIS) provided by our company for the two projects is more distinctive and innovative. The added on-board WIFI, FM and AVOD systems will give a richer, more convenient and recreational experience to the passengers.

Guangzhou Global Link, guided by the national policy of "The Belt and Road" initiative, once again exports its stable and mature system solutions and reliable and satisfactory products and services to foreign countries. With the national "The Belt and Road" initiative and the idea from "made in China" to "intelligent manufacturing in China”, “intelligent manufacturing in China” will bring more benefits and convenience to the people across the world. Malaysia ETS2 and HMU projects are another successful practice that we won the Malaysian market since we implemented the Malaysia SCS EMU project. Our company's product quality and services are once again recognized by the Malaysian employers. We believe that Global Link has become a pillar in the field of railway transportation, and will lead the development and future of the on-board Passenger Information System industry.