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 Awarded “2007 Excellent Software Enterprise of Guangzhou” (Mar, 2008)
 Awarded “2007 AAA Quality Creit Enterprise” (Jan, 2008)
 Provincial Qualified Enterprise (level 1) for Design, Construction and Maintenance of defence and Security System (May ,2007)
 Registered software certificate of Train Video Surveillance System (Oct,2006)
 Awarded “one-hundred solution”from ‘Telecommunication world’(Dec,2005) 
 Registered software certificate of MAGPlus (Oct,2004)
 Awarded “one-hundred solution”from ‘Telecommunication world’((Oct,2004)
 ISO9001:2000 quality management system certificate (May,2003)
 Hi-tech enterprises in Guangzhou (Sep, 2001)
 Qualified Software Enterprise (Sep,2001)
 Registered software certificate of GL call center ( Jul,2001)