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Train-borne Passenger Information System Solutions:
Train-borne passenger information system, which is based on the multi-media technology, takes computer system as the core, and provides the information service for passenger via train-borne terminal. It is composed of Train-borne Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) System, Public Address (PA) System, and Passenger Information Display System (PIDS).

Train-borne Closed-circuit Television System (CCTV) adopts fully digitalized TCP/IP internet surveillance solutions, which can perform the below functions on audio and video data captured from the cabs and saloons: date collection, encoding, data storage, monitoring and display, search and playback. The system is made up of CCTV servers, Monitors Media Gateways, and Cameras etc.

On-board Public Address (PA) System adopts the distributed controlling, internet management, digital processing and modular construction. The prime functions are as follows: digital voice announcement, cab to cab intercom, passenger emergency communication etc. The system is mainly made up of Cab PA Units, PA Control Panels, Saloon PA Units, Passenger Emergency Communication Units, Loudspeakers, LED dynamic maps.

Train-borne Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) is based on VGA digital signal transmission. The system is able to display real-time multimedia contents (Live), as well as contents from a pre-defined playlist stored in a local storage device (Pre-recorded). The system is mainly made up of the following components: LCD play controller, Cad switch, Decoder and LCD display.