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Escort for the special line of World University Games, we won the praise

Recently, the operating company of Shenzhen metro line three sent the thanking letter to the company about the security work during the 26TH, World University Games, as well, give a highly praise of work, also thanks for our substantial support and corporation.
From 12th august to 23rd, World University Games held in Shenzhen, and the metro line 3 in Shenzhen was implemented by us on the Trainborne PIS system regarded as the special line during the meeting, and we undertake the duty of supply the safety and convenience service to the athletes and the visitors all over the world. During the meeting, we organized the strong technical support team to escort for the meeting, and owned the certain affirmation of the SZ metro owner with our excellent service. 
This thanking letter is not only the affirmation from the customer, but also the highly affirmation to our after-sales service team in south china SZ.