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Guangzhou Panyu District CA-SIM Card Project

In order to promote the construction of Smart City in Panyu District, actively implement "Internet Plus Livelihood Services", speed up the popularization of CA-SIM cards, push forward the construction and cooperation in fields such as governmental affairs, education, population control, transportation, emergency management, medical and convenience services, and achieve the overall goal of "One Card to Access All Livelihood Services", Guangzhou Global Link Intelligent Information Technology Limited, Xinhai Digital Television Gold Card Limited and the Government of Panyu District have entered a strategic agreement to officially start a strategic partnership based on the principle of "Government leading, Society Participating and Industries Cooperating".

【Pic】 Group photo of the honorable participates in the meeting

It will make full use of “Minsheng Records”, “CA-SIM Card”, “Minsheng Services” and “Minsheng Credit”, the four features of People’s Livelihood Project, to actively promote the new collaborative innovative application service mode of “Cloud Service + CA-SIM + Intelligent Terminal”, and accomplish the construction of “Panyu In the Cloud” which is an informationized, highly perceiving, highly integrated smart city. It will improve the governance capacity, modernization construction and diversification of social services applications.

Combining with the local actual situation, the layout of infrastructures and the optimization of the technology level solution, the new One-Card launching plan of will adjust accordingly to implement a comprehensive launch of “Cloud Service + CA-SIM + Intelligent Terminal” project and complete the construction of pilot project for CA-SIM card in Panyu District. It will establish the foundation for the application and promotion of CA-SIM card.

PicGroup photo with the Agreement

Together under the guidance of the district government, they will complete the transition of the development of Panyu CA-SIM Card Business System, CA Authentication System and its Business Platform, and the connectivity of the data in “CA-SIM Card”, “Minsheng Record”, “Minsheng Credit”, “Minsheng Services” and “CA Authentication”. This will eventually push the construction of Panyu CA-SIM Card application and its release, achieving the goal of “record your life, manage your life, serve your life and secure your life”. In the future, it will expand to other fields such as health care, traveling, transportation, society, working and governmental affairs.
Guangzhou Global Link Intelligent Information Technology Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Hong Kong listed Company, Global Link Communications Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8060). The Company is dedicating to the construction of China Smart City. After adjusting the relationship between product, technology and business mode for three years time, under the guidance of the district government, Panyu has turn over a new chapter in creating a new type of “Smart City”, establishing a model for smart city construction in the whole nation.