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Guangzhou Metro Line 14&21 vehicle passenger information display system through the first sample identification

2016 June 28 to 30, a line of Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd., Zhongche Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. of eight people, visit our display system for vehicle project of Guangzhou Metro 14&21 number line passengers first sample identification.
The first inspection of the R & D, contract, production, quality and other departments of the company's full support, ready to fully. After strict review of data audit, sample inspection, functional testing links, Guangzhou Metro on behalf of the owners, car factory representative agreed through the display system vehicle project of Guangzhou Metro 14&21 Line No. of passengers the the first kind of identification.
Guangzhou Metro Line 6 for the 14 section of the formation of a total of 30 A train, plans to open in September 30, 2017; Guangzhou Metro Line 6 for the 21 section of the section of the train B 33 columns, plans to open in December 31, 2017. Guangzhou Metro Line 14&21 project according to the requirement of the design of Guangzhou Metro owners, for the first time using three color LED dynamic map display.
The first identification of the successful pass, marking the division of the quality of equipment products and professional core technology team, as always, has been recognized and appreciated by the Metro owners and the vehicle factory. Marking the project has entered the stage of mass production and delivery, I Division will be in accordance with the contract and schedule, orderly organization of mass production, to ensure the successful implementation of the project on schedule.